The Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest has 7 faculties, 6 of which have programmes in Romanian and one in foreign languages (English or French). In addition to this, there is a department of foreign languages. The six faculties with Romanian teaching programmes (Industrial and Agricultural Civil Engineering, Hydrotechnics, Railways, Roads and Bridges, Installations, Technological Equipment, Geodesy) offer university education both for the first four-year cycle of study (bachelor degree) for which an engineer qualification is awarded, as well as for the second cycle, master’s degree (3 semesters). The Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages offers a 4-year university programme for engineers, while at the Department of Foreign Languages and Communication a 3-year university programme in the field of applied modern languages (translators and interpreters) is available. Part of UTCB’s offer there are also 5-year evening classes for engineering studies at the Faculty of Installations and the Faculty of Technological Equipment.

Among the teaching staff, there are elite teachers  (157 professors and emeritus professors, 122 associate professors, 107 assistant professors, 198 instructors), whose merits were obtained both through the outcomes of their teaching and research activity, as well as by direct participation in the most important constructions  made in our country.

The Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest is a technical university dedicated to the training of specialists with advanced knowledge and skills in the fields of civil engineering, installation engineering, mechanical engineering/construction machinery and equipment, environmental engineering, geodetic engineering, engineering and management and system engineering.


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