Excellence in engineering, science and professional education

ARUT aims to continuously improve the standards of educational services offered to member universities through its projects and initiatives. A main priority of the Romanian Alliance of Technical Universities is represented by excellence in science and engineering.

Projects for the future

The private sector and the European Funds represent important sources for financing projects with a social impact. By being the largest human resources trainer in areas of interest highlighted by the National Tertiary Education Strategy 2015-2020, ARUT’s continuous responsibility is to develop projects and to identify solutions to fund research projects.

In the latest funding cycle, projects funded by the European Social Fund have represented a resource with clear methodological limits. In the new period of funding, ARUT will stand out by training the human resources necessary to the development, writing and implementation of projects. Moreover, through large partenerships, the private sector and member universities will be synchronized.  The axes of interest for this growth direction are POC, POCU and Regio.

Innovative doctoral studies

Part of ARUT’s mission is becoming an optimal framework for the development of innovative models for doctoral training and joint doctoral programmes. ARUT is an active platform to the exchange of good practices and doctoral projects.


Through promoting sustainable projects, ARUT aims to make a positive social impact that can have recurring benefits in a national context.

Inter-institutional and international cooperation

ARUT proves to be a cooperation core, exchange of good practices and know-how. Our goal is to develop the way technical universities in Romania collaborate.

Community orientation and cooperation with the business environment

ARUT responds to argued and programmatic needs at national level. This means that the priorities we are addressing are argued either through national policies or by operating ample studies that correlate clear initiatives with visible labour market improvements.

Projects targeting entrepreneurial intelligence

One of the latest resources for innovation and economic progress is represented by entrepreneurial initiatives. Through the entrepreneurial centers found in each university, ARUT represents a nursery of entrepreneurs who constantly seek synchronization with the labour market.