The Romanian Alliance of Technical Universities (ARUT) aims to represent both a collaborative platform for the most prestigious technical universities in the country, as well as a common, strong voice, permanently involved in optimizing policies in education and research.

Both large companies and small and medium enterprises need well-prepared human resources, ready to perform in a competitive market. Following the recommendations of the European Council regarding Romania’s 2015 National Reform Programme, ARUT comes to raise the quality and relevance of technical higher education for the labour market and to consolidate applied research projects based on the needs of the market.

ARUT will also represent a framework for extensive projects devoted to the priority areas of the National Tertiary Education Strategy 2015-2020. Both the creation of funding sources for educational and research projects and the writing of projects to be funded from the European Social Fund will be central to the work of the Alliance, which will try to define a clearer and more transparent financial circuit for all relevant technical institutions in Romania.

Nonetheless, in its capacity as the largest technical consortium in the country, ARUT will actively participate in the smart development of education and research policies.