Between the 22nd and 23rd of February, 2018, the Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest hosted the meeting of the rectors of the largest technical universities in the country, united in The Romanian Alliance of Technical Universities (ARUT).

During this meeting, debates and proposals were made on the following:

  • Research grants;
  • Allocation Methodology of the tuition number by university domains for undergraduate, master, doctorate studies;
  • The MEN-ANC Program for the Common Engineering Trunk.

Another topic debated upon was the regulation on the mobility of university staff in the ARUT-Exchange programme and the student mobility within the ARUT-Exchange S. programme.

The following participated as guests: Minister of National Education - Valentin Popa, Minister of Research and Innovation - Nicolae Burnete, Minister of Energy - Anton Anton, President of CNFIS - Prof.univ.dr. Claudia Popescu, President ARACIS - Iordan PETRESCU as well as Prof.univ. Tiberiu Dobrescu - ANC president and Nicolae Postăvaru - Vice President of the ANC.